Estate and Legacy Planning

Estate planning does not have to be complicated. It is simply a matter of taking the right steps to make sure your property passes after your death to your heirs, intact, without jeopardizing your current financial independence and security.

Life and Long Term Care Insurance

A carefully planned insurance program, tailored to your individual needs, will not only protect your assets, but also provide the confidence you seek for the future. This is often an essential component to enjoying your life’s success.

Professional Accounting

The Wealth Protection Network includes certified public accountants who are highly skilled and experienced in establishing and maintaining accurate financial records for individuals and businesses to help them make decisions about allocating resources.

Income Tax Services

The goal of efficient income tax planning for Wealth Protection network clients is to not only minimize your tax burden, but also allow clients to plan with confidence while protecting and preserving their wealth.

Consulting Services

From tax advice to wealth preservation strategies to risk-management and estate planning, the Wealth Protection Network members provide solutions and services to individuals and businesses that lead to ongoing success and peace of mind.

Personal Financial Planning and Money Management Services

Utillizing the latest technologies, the Wealth Protection Network offers truly a unique approach to personal financial planning and money management.